Thursday, 17 December 2015

Low Fat Recipes - Eat Healthy Live Healthy

If we took a survey and asked people what their favourite holiday is, assuredly Christmas attains the highest position in the list. Just thinking about the Christmas gives you a warm feeling, right? This is true for some people, but not for those who are in dieting. Indeed, the holiday season is the most difficult to diet. We all know how decoratable desserts are always served during Christmas and New Year party and everyone wants to grab a bite of that luscious chocolate cake or sizzling, mouth watering chicken in the dinner. And we know that how difficult it is to survive during holidays especially if you are on a diet. In this article, I will help you in dwindle all your problems.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Dinner Recipes - Quick and Easy

What makes your Christmas more exciting and moving? Different people have distinct opinion, some say that there is a different joyous atmosphere that only Christmas can bring. While some say that the gifts excite and electrify them. But, there are also those people who look forward to having a zest of many delicious Christmas recipes. How about you? What part of Christmas you like most? If you are also in those category who want to impress their guest by the piquant Christmas dinner recipes. Then DadsThatCook is surely a better option for you. Avoid Christmas chaos and make this holiday season stress free with our zesty Christmas recipes.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

What to Cook for Dinner | Healthy Options

The big question that continuously circulates in our mind after returning from our hectic office schedule; “What to cook for dinner”. If you are also one of them and always looking for the ideas for fast and engaging dinner recipes, then it's time to evacuate your worries. DadsThatCook, brings ample of dinner recipes, which are delicious, healthy and easy to make. Their professional chefs are always ready to guide you.

Dinner is the most vital meal of the day, where the family gathers and enjoy a well prepared healthy meal together. Preparing meals can be tricky when you are in a family with different food preference. So, finding satisfying dinner recipes for the entire family can be a challenge, but not now, with DadsThatCook, you can easily achieve this. Here you can a wide variety of dinner recipes that will give exactly what you need: quick and healthy dinner recipes. Here are some of the dinner recipes which you can easily cook even in a short period of time.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Easy Drink Recipes for This Holidays

Winters are now knocking our doors, everybody want something different from holidays. Some want to embrace the snow and cold and other want to flee somewhere hot: Some celebrate holidays with parties, others by relaxing. Apart from all, holidays are a time of feasting, mostly in the company of family, friends and loved ones. But, no holiday is complete without an astounding party. Holiday parties do take a little effort, bit of planning and preparation, so checklists and patience are must.

You apparently prepare some party ideas, including decorations, gifts, and of course menu for dinner, but what about drinks? Have you thought about it? If not, then think over again. We often ignore such a main thing in our menu; Drinks. Yes! The drink recipes are equally important as your dessert. So if you are going to organize any party at your house this holiday season, must consider Drink Recipes. Here are some easy drink recipes :

Friday, 4 December 2015

10 Must watch TV Shows to Learn Cooking

Today, people love watching and getting entertained. Our eyes are usually glued to our television screens most of the times when we are not at work or school. Whoever came up with the idea of having a television cooking show must have thought about just how many people would wish to watch and see how different dishes are prepared. The trend has been emulated by so many and today there is no single television channel that does not have a cooking show. Some of the cooking shows are however dull and boring but there are thrilling ones that people really love. Here is a list of those that will be helpful to you if you want to learn how to cook or better your cooking skills.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How to Cook White Rice - Dads That Cook

Cooking rice can be an unpleasant experience or a great one only if you know how to do it properly. Who like mushy rice? Who like gummy or starchy rice? Rice is one of the most common food on earth and everyone like it. Moreover, there are around forty-thousand varieties of rice over the world. This carbohydrate rich food should be considered as high in the glycemic index of foods according to the recent research carried out by “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. In this research, glycemic index is very imperative in any rice, it also depends on several factors such as how the rice is cooked, the degree of processing, combination of two or more rice and the combination of other ingredients with which it was eating. This is the main reason to increase or decrease the Glycemic Index ratings of the food.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Top 5 Cookbooks to Make Cooking Easier

Whether you have been cooking for years or you are new in the kitchen, you both need a reference book or a guide book to help make your work in the kitchen easier and enjoyable.A good cook book will teach you the very basic things that you need to know about cooking and also help you to familiarize with great recipes.A cookbook is a valuable part of every great kitchen and even the greatest of chefs can confirm this.

Some cook books are meant specifically for either newbies or are just full of many recipes and advice for already established cooks.For our list of cookbooks we have considered this factor and decided not to be biased.We have also considered how good the recipes are and whether they actually work or not,the quality of photographs in the books, whether it has inspiring and intriguing writings and if the recipes included are for foods that people are excited about.

Here is the list, in no particular order, of the books we settled on as the top 5 that will make your cooking easier. We hope that you will find the list helpful.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Thanksgiving is a significant time of the year and definitely one that no one would like to be disaster.As the host you are faced with the challenge of ensuring that everything goes well and that everyone is very happy on that day.You should however note that you too have the right to be happy and stress-free on this special day.

You may find yourself with less time than you expected to have; this should not get you panicking.Take a breath and let me help you out. We all are aware of some avoidable last minute tasks that somehow get themselves into your program and may end up messing the entire day. This is why I have put these tips together to help you get smoothly through the preparation and make you enjoy the great day just like every other guest that you will invite.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Dads Cooking Recipes for Growing Kids

Promote a healthy diet for your youngsters at your home and at school. Single Dads are always appreciated easy or healthy recipes for kids that may motivate their youngsters to consume meals that contain nutritious components this kind of as fruits and vegetables though chopping down on excessive fat and sodium. Small children will be picky eaters, nevertheless, and obtaining solutions to prepare favored dishes with no compromising on taste is usually difficult. Fortuitously, the trend towards easy dad's cooking recipes for youths has spawned a wealth of internet sites and cookbooks that attribute scrumptious solutions even the pickiest eaters will like. To get fathers started off with the suitable path, we provide five tasty and easy healthy recipes for teenagers determined by the ease and comfort meals little ones crave.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

5 Quick Pressure Cooker Recipes to Save Your time

Any kitchen is incomplete without that robust, sturdy looking default essential commodity known as a pressure cooker, or simply, a cooker. Imagine how empty and soulless a kitchen counter would look without it. Invented in the 17th century, this appliance has experienced innumerable modifications till date and gained a special place in our homes.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a delicious recipe, but not enough time to make it? Have you ever run late in getting the food cooking before your dinner guests arrive? If yes, then never be in those situations again! Pressure cookers cook your amazing recipe whether it be meat or soup in just a portion of the time any other cookware can. By creating a pressure chamber of heat and tasty goodness, your food is ready faster. The pressure inside the pot also creates more moisture, sealing your meat in hot liquids and spices, making it the most desirable, tender meat you can cook.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Cooking Classes for Dads - Best Way to Make a Perfect Tuning with your family

You are good at the Gymnasium, you monopolize in the boardroom, you pride yourself on how polite you are with ladies, but one thing that is equally important is, how do you pick up in the kitchen? If you are a neophyte and want to learn some easy and delicious cooking tips for your family, especially for youngsters, then you are at the right place. Dadsthatcook offers you the best cooking classes for dads who want to spend some time with their kids while cooking.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Bestow Your Child With Dad Delicious Cooking Recipes
Let's face it, Dads do not seem to be universally recognized as the worlds best cooks, not to mention the best cook in your household. Moms whips up delicious meals with apparently minimal efforts. Father burns toast, once most dads cook, they address the easy to make and comfort food such as a la bacon and eggs.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Healthy Recipes And Resources For Dads

Cooking is immensely healthier than feeding out, particularly, if eating out means that grabbing fast food. At home, you can control the ingredients used and the cooking methods. But what if you just arrived home from work and picking up the kids only to find out mom has a late meeting and won't be home to make dinner. It's 5:20 pm and children have football practice at 6:30, but you do not have any idea what to cook, then dad load the children back in the car and they will off for some fast food junction. But what if Dad can cook? This discloses the whole new set of possibilities. For parents now, it's imperative to know the way around the kitchen.