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How to Cook White Rice - Dads That Cook

Cooking rice can be an unpleasant experience or a great one only if you know how to do it properly. Who like mushy rice? Who like gummy or starchy rice? Rice is one of the most common food on earth and everyone like it. Moreover, there are around forty-thousand varieties of rice over the world. This carbohydrate rich food should be considered as high in the glycemic index of foods according to the recent research carried out by “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”. In this research, glycemic index is very imperative in any rice, it also depends on several factors such as how the rice is cooked, the degree of processing, combination of two or more rice and the combination of other ingredients with which it was eating. This is the main reason to increase or decrease the Glycemic Index ratings of the food.

It is imperative for all rice lovers to know the correct method of cooking rice. If you are also willing to know how to cook white rice in a best way.Our professional chefs, guide you correctly and give you the best recipe for cooking rice, without loosing its richness.

We all know the most convenient way of preparing rice is to use a rice cooker, or if you do not have one or do not want to use it, in that case there is always an aged traditional method of doing it as well, a technique that has been passed down throughout the generations. One traditional mode of cooking rice is: to give flavour to it by means of seasoning or broth, a natural soup that can use instead of water, to give a rich taste to the rice and makes it tasty together with the chicken or vegetables.

If you want to serve it for four individuals, this is the recipe for white rice, which is rich with carbohydrates. First, take a large pan or shallow pan, take two cups of white rice either plain or glutinous. Make sure that you have enough amount of vegetable oil or butter, approximately 2 table spoon. Ideally, for 2 cups rice, you will need 3.5 cups of water. You can additionally add a nip of salt to flavour, but not too much, because over salt may make your taste worst or unpleasant.

Firstly, wash the rice, and empty the water off a number of times until it appears no longer cloudy. This is not only clean the rice, but also removes the remaining starch from it. You can check it manually, whether you put the exact quantity of water into the rice, by placing longest mid finger in the pan, the water should reach to your knuckle. Put in the salt along with oil or butter before the cooking process begins. Set your pot over the stove or gas along with the cover and make sure that it does not conceal the entire top, so that it does not bring the rice to a rapid boil, relegate it to begin with on a low to medium temperature and leave it for 20 minutes to warm up. Check it after every 5 minutes of interval, take a spoon and push the rice back and forth to reveal any residual of water, repeat the process until the water has been totally saturated in the rice. Once it is finished, pull out the water and fluff the rice up before serving.

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