Friday, 4 December 2015

10 Must watch TV Shows to Learn Cooking

Today, people love watching and getting entertained. Our eyes are usually glued to our television screens most of the times when we are not at work or school. Whoever came up with the idea of having a television cooking show must have thought about just how many people would wish to watch and see how different dishes are prepared. The trend has been emulated by so many and today there is no single television channel that does not have a cooking show. Some of the cooking shows are however dull and boring but there are thrilling ones that people really love. Here is a list of those that will be helpful to you if you want to learn how to cook or better your cooking skills.

Dadsthat cook

This is the newest best thing that has happened to the history of cooking shows. If you have ever wondered what it would be like watching a dad in the kitchen then you are in for a treat. The show involves different dads from different places cooking different dishes. These dads are not experts; this makes it even more interesting to watch them put their dad recipes to work.


This popular show is hosted by Gordon Ramsey. It starts with a large number of chefs in two teams and contestants are eliminated along the way until there are only two still standing. The show involves different tasks such as preparation of ingredients, taste tests and meal preparation among others.

Iron Chef America

This how involves smoke machines in a huge dark room. There are two chefs who are trying to prove that each is better than the other .The host, Alton Brown keeps crying out commentary. This show is just hilarious; it has the most number of funny sound bites than any other show.

Master Chef

If you love Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordo Ramsey, you probably have watched this show too. This show is a cooking competition judged by Graham Elliot with Joe Bastianich and angry Brit. It combines elements of a real cooking show with individual analysis. This show has a lot of crying.

Master Chef Junior

This show involves a cooking competition between kids. It seems to pass a message to its viewers; that today, kids can cook just like grown-ups if not much better than them. This show has much more crying than in the initial adult show.


The show is competitive in nature. The chefs here are very professional. The winner in each season gets to walk away with a prize of ten thousand dollars. Despite there being a prize, the chefs seem to be there for the sheer enjoyment of showcasing their skills and proving that they are the best.

America’s test Kitchen

I love the simplicity in this show and the way it shows us how to take an experimental approach when solving problems in the kitchen. If you want the really technical side of cooking, then this is your show.

Guy’s Big Bite

Guy Fiery, the host of the show makes us learn about and want to borrow his great affinity for flavors for our own dishes. He got so many dudes to get into the kitchen and try out different dishes.

Top Chef Masters
This show, is not like the original Top Chef has contestants who are from small cities and would love to be well established. The contestants here are professional chefs who are well-established. They are mostly here to show off what they’ve got.

Molto Mario

Unfortunately, this show ended in 2010 but if you happen to get anywhere I am sure you will love it. Mario had despicable skills in preparing Italian cuisine. He was a very effective communicator and chef – he still is a chef. He was very good at imparting secrets (of cooking) through stories, anecdotes and clear instructions.

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