Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Thanksgiving is a significant time of the year and definitely one that no one would like to be disaster.As the host you are faced with the challenge of ensuring that everything goes well and that everyone is very happy on that day.You should however note that you too have the right to be happy and stress-free on this special day.

You may find yourself with less time than you expected to have; this should not get you panicking.Take a breath and let me help you out. We all are aware of some avoidable last minute tasks that somehow get themselves into your program and may end up messing the entire day. This is why I have put these tips together to help you get smoothly through the preparation and make you enjoy the great day just like every other guest that you will invite.

 Decide the main dish early enough
For most people, the words thanksgiving day does not make sense if there is no turkey on the day’s menu. If your guests are in this group then whatever else you choose to prepare, you should have the turkey in mind. It is very essential to decide the main meal early enough so that you can accurately make a choice of the other dishes that will accompany it and plan for them in advance. 

Consider the other groups of guests too
Now,in as much as you have made up your mind on your main meal,you have to keep it in your mind that some of your guests may not be really into it.For example,some of your guests may not be turkey lovers.You will also need to have healthy meals for special groups like the diabetic or those who are on diet.Remember that you want everyone to enjoy this event. 

Checkout recipes
Depending on your guests and your personality,you will need to choose the most appropriate recipes.It is time you sat down with recipe books or went online to check out various recipes.This way,you will be able to cater for everyone including the health freaks that will have come over on that day.

Shop in advance
Once you have decided on the meals you intend to prepare, get out and go shopping.The ingredients for the different recipes may be too many to shop once and this is why you need to start shopping early.You may also not get all of them at one place and having enough time will give you the chance to look for everything.Remember to have a shopping list; I advise you classify the ingredients as perishable and imperishable so that you start with those that will last longer.

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